Thursday, July 13, 2017

13 Jul 17

Sunny day, warm and humid, very light winds.

Water is flat, grassy in surf, clean on the end, waves 0 - 1.

Yesterday:  Reds, Jack Crevalle, Bonito, Tarpon, Spanish and Kings.

Today:  Tarpon, Reds and BOnito.


Chuck Brewer said...

So happy to be able to check the fishing at the pier every day at least get to feel like I'm there till I get back to FL thanks for posting the reports

Chuck Brewer said...

How long is the pompano fish good there? I was there last September
Was spotty some people told me October was better time to catch them in surf would like to plan another trip
Want to target reds and pompano
Thanks have great day
Chuck Brewer

Zach Punancy said...

Yea are the pomps still running ?..... Also what jigs are best to catch them on? Any hell would be appreciated planning on going next week thanks guys

Zach Punancy said...


Randy said...

Pomp rig with shrimp or sand flea or Pomp Jig